Community Partnerships
We partner with other communities so we can serve you better.

Hi-R Education ( is a for-profit social enterprise based in the United Kingdom. Through in-depth application assistance, Hi-R has helped students from all over the world to gain access to the world’s leading universities and obtain prestigious internship and graduate roles. Use code ‘Doceo Tuition 5’ for 5% off.

Key Words: A-Level, University, Internships

Exam Success Company ( specialises in preparing students for exams. Using their expertly curated in-house materials, they equip students through our uniquely designed courses with the tools, techniques and structure needed to excel in exams. They offer our students 10% off for private tuition in the subjects we don’t offer.

Key Words: GCSE, A-Level, Tuition


Cedartribe Foundation’s ( goal is to improve the socio-economic status of every family by empowering its adolescents and youths with Education-in all its forms. They do this by organising enlightenment conferences on personal awareness, skill acquisition boot camps, workshops addressing social issues and partnering with other NGO’s.
Key words: Nigeria, Social Mobility, Personal Development


EIA (Educate Inspire Activate) ( is an education consulting company that exists to provide the skills, information, and opportunities to enable social mobility amongst the marginalised groups in society. They aim to do this by working with schools and other organisations to provide workshops, training and skill development.
Key words: Social Mobility, Personal Development, Education

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