• Can work for at least 4-5 hours a week.

• Strong written, verbal and collaboration skills.

• Strong admin skills.

• Experience in leading a small team is desired but not necessary.

• Available for monthly review meetings on Saturdays (lasting no longer than an hour)

role responsibilities
Overseeing admin: The Manager is responsible for email communications between coaches, mentors and ambassadors via the email templates available. Email templates should be updates as necessary.
Overseeing mentoring for students: Each student will select a time to be mentored based on availability. This process is largely managed by the virtual assistant but the Manager should still check in from time to time to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Tracking student progress: A feedback form must be completed by each ambassador at the end of each session. The form should collect data on how the student found the session, how the student found the coach, whether the student felt that the session was beneficial to them, and anything else you think would be useful to collect.
Maintaining quality assurance of slides: Slides for each session should be uploaded at least 2 weeks before the session to allow the Manager enough time to review. It is the Manager’s responsibility to remind coaches to upload their slides on time.
Facilitating the growth of the Ambassador Programme: The Manager will monthly review meetings to discuss the outcome of the programme and any strategies for growth
If you tick all of the boxes above, we’d love to get to know you!❤️

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