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At Doceo we seek to equip the upcoming generation with key life and soft skills through our webinars. We summarise our webinars into short and sweet PDFs with extra nuggets on top so that it is easy for you to refer back to skills we teach. If that’s made you intrigued, why not try some of our free resources by downloading the PDFs below!
If you like the look of those, you can also check out our paid resources too which will provide you with EVEN MORE keys to success.
Setting goals is easy. Achieving goals is not so easy.
hat’s why we’ve created a document explaining the acronym SMARTER goals. Learn to set goals that you can achieve, and see how much more productive you can be with your school work, or admin, or life goals!
If you like the look of those, you can also check out our paid resources too which will provide you with EVEN MORE keys to success.
Do school teach you how to network, or how to write a CV or cover letter? Do school teach you how to act in a professional business environment? For the majority of students, the answer to that is no. So, that’s why we’ve created this resource. Download it today!
A Productivity framework, a Time Management framework, and a Wellbeing framework, all wrapped up neatly in one PDF.
Your mind is a complex and powerful thing, but to use its full potential it must first be trained. Take a look at the steps we suggest!
Few people have the time to listen to you tell your life story. In life you need to be ready to spring on opportunities that come by, and for that, you need to have a good elevator pitch.
A recruiter scanning your LinkedIn? A CEO in the coffee queue? A seed funding opportunity? Check out our step-by-step guide to elevator pitches!
What’s the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset? How should you deal with criticism and failure? What books should you read to learn about how successful people manage their time? What are the steps to take towards building a hustle? Check out this resource to learn!
Ever thought about how the rent gets paid? Ever thought about how to know if you can afford that phone? Be confident in your finance with our Budget spreadsheet. Learn how to manage your money so that you can live a financially responsible life!
Money is a subject few people are willing to talk with students about, so we’ve created a Financial Literacy Starter Kit to begin the conversation!
From useful links to money tracking apps to educational books, we give you the tools to begin learning about your finances.

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