Our Tutors

Tutors commissioned through Doceo Tuition are highly qualified with university degrees, post graduate degrees, professional qualifications or a combination thereof.

All of our tutors go through a training programme to ensure that their quality of teaching they deliver is up to the standard of our company. All of our tutors are required to undergo extensive CRB checks. To enable us to provide a fully professional service we would be very grateful to hear from you if a Tutor provided by us falls short of your expectations in any way.

Each student is assigned a tutor upon enrolment and we will try our best to ensure that your child maintains the same tutor for each new plan cycle. However, this can not be guaranteed. If a Tutor, for any reason, has to stop tuition mid-plan, we will endeavour to replace that Tutor as soon as possible, subject to availability, in order to minimise disruption to the student’s progress.

Our Teaching Style

Doceo Tuition covers a range of subjects, for a range of academic groups. For the purpose of consistency, we generally aim to use standardised resources that are based on the national curriculum. However, some of tutors may create and use resources tailored to meet the needs of their specific student.

Expectations of our Students

All of our tutors put considerable effort into the planning and delivery of tuition lessons, therefore to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of our teaching methods we encourage that your child adheres to the following expectations:

  • Most classes will be followed by homework to reinforce content of lessons. We expect that all home is to be completed on time. If your child is struggling with the homework, they are expected to contact their tutor before the next class for the following reasons:

1. They can receive the help they need.

2. The homework may be a part of the content for the next class and hence incomplete homework may result in deter from the tutors lesson schedule.

3. To ensure that our tutees develop the accountability in the area of their academics.

  • We expect attendance to all tuition sessions for the arranged time – see attendance and cancellation policy.

All students will be given a list of required equipment. Some resources will be provided for by our tutors. However, some resources will not.

  • If parents are unaware of where to purchase resources on the list given – enquiries to the tutors should be made.

We expect the pupil to have the necessary stationary (e.g. pens, paper etc.) for use in the tutoring sessions. Such stationary will not be provided by us to the pupil.

In addition to homework, we encourage the student to regularly practice the learned material between each Saturday class. Whilst we understand, the student may have other commitments; in order for the student to progress we do advise the student to review the work undertaken in the tutoring sessions and complete all homework. We cannot be held responsible for any lack of progression by the pupil.

Doceo Tuition offers access to an opt-in mentorship scheme. We offer this service because we believe that our students have more to offer than just their academic results in the pursuit of their future career goals. Our non-academic activities are to ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to develop new skills and provide them with a balanced education and CV. Students who have chosen to participate in may be given additional non-academic work to contribute to other elements of their intellectual and social development. We expect these tasks to be taken just as seriously as academic assignments and hence expect them to be completed by their assigned deadlines.

Our Payment Policy

The Saturday school works in 6-weekly plans (equivalent to half of a term). The entire plan costs £120 this consists six 2hr sessions over a 6 week period. Each session is priced at £20 (£10/hr)

Upon enrollment, a £20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your child’s place. Enrollment for new 6-week plan will open 6-8 weeks before it starts. The full amount of £120 and deposit, will be expected before your child can begin the lesson.

Discount Policy

Doceo Tuition offers 1 active discount :

Sibling Referral – ONLY TO BE USED FOR SATURDAY SCHOOL This offers £10 off total for 6-week plan if the sibling of a student is enrolled by referral.

Our Lateness and Cancellation Policy

Our Saturday school requires a deposit upon booking and all deposits are non-refundable. It is vital that the student attends their assigned lesson at the time given to them upon joining.


Students should arrive 5 minutes before the start of the class time. Lateness is not compensated for; with extra time or a refund. It is important for the student to arrive on time to complete their lesson and minimise disruption for other students. If the student is 15-20mins late without informing their tutor and offering a valid reason, they will be given a warning. If warnings persist then appropriate measures of action will be taken.


Doceo Tuition have standards and behavioral codes that must be strictly adhered to by students and the teaching staff. For our Saturday School, in order to keep an atmosphere suitable for to studying, only students and staff are allowed in the classrooms. Students are not allowed to bring food into the classrooms, unless it is necessary due to medical reasons. To avoid spillages, only reasonably sized bottle of water with a secure lid are permitted.

Mobile phones are not allowed in classrooms. This is done to minimise distractions to both the students and the teacher. Staff will provide a secure mobile phone box which all students will have to label and place their phone within. The phone box will be locked away by staff until the end of the lesson.

Disruptive or threatening behavior by a pupil will result in suspension or termination of the services, at our discretion. In such cases no refunds shall be payable by us to you.

Emergency Procedures

The rare occasion may occur where a situations arises in which it is necessary to cancel classes for the safety of our students and employees. In these cases of emergencies we will send messages and emails informing all students of class and session cancellations, as well as posting to our website and available social media outlets.

Our Registration Process – New Students

For new students within our company, we offer a free 30min consultation session in which we will discuss your child’s academic level, their problem areas, how we plan on supporting them both in and beyond the area of their academics, as well as answering any questions you may have. Once the first plan has been paid for, we offer have a 1 week cooling period after the first session , in which the plan can be cancelled and pending pre-paid sessions can be fully refunded. The deposit, however, is non-refundable. This cooling period applies to new students enrolled to the company ONLY.

Our Responsibility

As stated above, all tutors are given a standard of teaching and behavioural code which the are expected to adhere. If you feel that quality of teaching and or behaviour is not delivered to the standard promised by our company, please feel free to approach members of management and this will be put under of review. In our Saturday School, we cannot be held responsible for chaperoning the students outside of the venue. For students under the age of 16, unless it has been documented or a member of staff has been informed students will not be allowed to leave the venue without a parent present.

Data Protection

We will use the personal information you provide us only to supply the services to our students and to process your payment for the services we deliver. If you agreed to this during the booking process, to give you information about similar services that we provide, but you may stop receiving this at any time by contacting us. We will comply with the Data Protection Act and personal data will not be shared outside the company. We may wish to take photos and/or videos during a tutoring session for publicity purposes or for the recordings to be used for feedback. We will always ask for your consent in this situation and you do not have to give us your consent.

Contractual Relationship

All students and parents are required to sign a contract upon enrolment. By signing this contract you will be agreeing to cooperate fully with us with regard to the obligations set down in these terms and conditions and those additionally stated in the contract.

We hope these Guidelines help to clarify how we operate at Doceo Tuition.