Our Story Has Begun

Our Story Has Just Begun

The firewood we gather in our youth is what we warm ourselves with in our old age.

Steph and I founded Doceo Tuition in August 2019 because we truly believe that we owe it to the next generation coming up behind us to equip them with the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our passion can be attributed to maybe one of two things. The first being that Steph and I are of Ghanian and Nigerian heritage respectively. If you know anything about African culture, you’d know that education is a fundamental part of it. Not just because of the opportunities it provides you, but the power it gives you. Secondly – now we’re out of the education system we have been able to reflect on what it truly was. There are so many good things about its current structure, as it has adequately prepared us for our professional careers. It didn’t, however, adequately prepare us to navigate what one might call the more ‘mundane’ things in life – like bills, or finances, or tax, maybe even the property market. Who would have thought that these are important things we need to learn about… Just about anyone who’s encountered these things – which is just about any independent adult in the UK.

This was the light bulb moment that led to Doceo Tuition – we recognised that our knowledge foundation was incomplete. We both have the intention of being very warm in our old age. The question then arose, have we collected sufficient firewood to enable us to do so. Now we’re still very young and so we have plenty of time to collect this firewood, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we could have started earlier. It is with this understanding that we plan to do something different.

We are on a mission to champion continuous growth, to provide every student with opportunities, resources and practical knowledge to determine their own future and navigate life successfully. To achieve this we aim to instil in our students a work ethic and love of learning that will be with them for life. We know that growth doesn’t happen in one place, or with one formula. Growth doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time, it takes dedication, nurturing and a mindset that embraces the process, it’s a journey. A journey that we’re still on but getting better at navigating as we grow older and wiser.

The Doceo Tuition story has only just begun.

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