We deliver fun and impactful personal development workshops!

Doceo is here to support your students and community with a range of free workshops focusing on personal development Our fun and engaging sessions help students learn invaluable soft skills that will set them up for success. Workshops are typically 2 hours long but can be adapted to suit your needs. Which will you choose? 


An interactive workshop on setting S.M.A.R.T goals

This workshop aims to break down barriers that prevent students achieving their goals. We provide the opportunity to speak to Russell Group university students and recent graduates about their experience applying to top universities. We also equip students with the practical tools to help them achieve their academic and non-academic goals through a series of reflective activities.


An interactive workshop on financial literacy

In this workshop we explore how to manage your finances. We cover the journey to financial freedom, including understanding different streams of income and budgeting. S.M.A.R.T. saving including building a savings plan and the basics of investments. Plus how to financially protect yourself, including fraud awareness and building your credit score. This is an interactive session with quizzes and activities to keep things fun and engaging.


An interactive workshop on financial literacy

In the modern world, academic qualifications and professional experience are no longer enough. Building a personal brand is also crucial for success. This webinar examines why personal branding is so valuable and the importance of authenticity and consistency to your personal brand. We also offer a practical guide to honing your unique selling point and communicating it clearly to prospective employers.


An interactive workshop on productivity and wellbeing

This workshop begins with an internal reflection to help students understand their priorities and distractions. Then, through a series of short activities, we build tools to help plan and prioritise effectively and create effective study techniques. The second half of this workshop focuses on developing a positive mindset and sense of wellbeing to propel students forward on their journey to success.