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Inspiring the upcoming generation of change-makers.

We are a team driven by a shared mission: empowering the next generation for success. Our team believes in breaking stereotypes, providing opportunities, and nurturing employability skills. Together, we’re dedicated to making a meaningful impact on students’ lives. We are here to help 14 – 18 year olds tap into their ful potential and become change-makers. We are purpose and data driven and involve our students in the process of improving our programmes. Join us in uplifting the next generation!

What WE DO

Mission and Values

We are on a mission to see employability skills inclusively taught on the education curriculum. We believe that we owe it to the next generation to equip them with the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this, our programmes instil in our students a work ethic and love of learning that will be with them for life.

We Grow Together

Combining the best of our collective knowledge with future vision, we instil and nurture a mindset which ignites individual growth for all students.

We Succeed Together

We believe that given the right environment, appropriate nurturing and access to opportunities all students can achieve their potential.

We Are A Community

We’re able to tap into a network of graduates and young professionals like ourselves who share our desire to help lift up the next generation.

Why we do it

The Problem

It’s an unfortunate reality that students from less privileged backgrounds often miss out on learning the employability skills required to thrive after education. This means that, even when they achieve excellent academic grades, they can still struggle when reaching the jobs market. Our unique programmes are designed to nurture a growth mindset that empowers students to fulfil their potential.



A Set Up for Success

At Doceo we recognise that every student is unique and tailor our programmes to cater to all learning styles. We focus on the following employability skills:

This is a guiding principle we employ to assist you in goal-setting. It’s encapsulated in the acronym SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Relevant, Achievable, and Timely. Applying the SMART approach will sharpen your focus and significantly enhance your chances of successfully attaining your objectives.

Productivity is, very simply, the rate of useful output versus the time you put in. At Doceo we encourage you to work hard, but also to work smart – so you maximise the amount you can achieve with the time you have available.

Your emotional intelligence encompasses a multifaceted blend of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being components. In essence, it reflects your self-awareness and your ability to navigate life’s emotional landscape. The personal development program available through Doceo can wield a profoundly positive impact on your enduring emotional well-being.

Your personal brand is the general impression people within a certain community (professional, social, etc) have about you based on their perception of your achievements, ability and experience. The good news is that these perceptions can be managed. At Doceo we teach you to take control of your personal brand and shape how you want people to think about you.

Mastering persuasion, active listening, and the art of tailoring your message to various contexts are among the most invaluable skills you can acquire. Communication, therefore, stands as one of the central pillars within Doceo’s personal development programmes.

The most successful people in life have an understanding of the skills it takes to be successful in entrepreneurship. These skills include teamwork, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and so much more! We understand these skills are the foundations of a well rounded Doceo Ambassador and is therefore one of the core components of our programme of personal development.

The understanding of how money is made, spent and saved. Along with the ability to consider financial impacts when making life decisions, this is an important area of personal development we work on at Doceo.

Commercial awareness involves comprehending how businesses function, make strategic choices, and thrive in competitive markets to attain success. At Doceo, we consider it essential to help you cultivate this skill enabling you to navigate the business and professional realms with effectiveness.

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving is the ability to approach challenges and complex situations with innovative and imaginative solutions, fostering adaptability and resourcefulness. At Doceo, we emphasize the development of Creative Thinking & Problem Solving because these skills will empower you to tackle real-world problems and uncertainties.

Our Team

Inspiring the upcoming generation of change-makers.

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