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With the right tools and support, every student can reach their potential. Check out our empowering resources below!

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Tools for Success

Free Resources

Explore our collection of free, downloadable guides, worksheets, and templates!

The Career Starter Pack CV Template

Designed for students, this CV template emphasises academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and part-time work experience. Its clean layout highlights skills, education, and personal projects, making a standout impression for internships or entry-level roles.

The Career Starter Guide

Unlock your potential and navigate your career journey with this resource. Identify your skills and interests, explore diverse career ideas through CV writing, cover letter drafting, gaining work experience, and networking. Choose your path, be it university, apprenticeship, or another option, and set SMART-ER goals for a fulfilling future!

Speak Up Stand Out – A Simple Career Guide

Do school teach you how to network, or how to write a CV or cover letter? Do school teach you how to act in a professional business environment? For the majority of students, the answer to that is no. So, that’s why we’ve created this resource. Download it today!

The Wellbeing Toolkit Volume 1

Are you looking to create a routine to make your physical and mental wellbeing a priority in your life? We have put together a toolkit to help you start that journey. With practical tips on how to practice mindfulness and curate a wellbeing routine that you can maintain alongside your school work and extracurricular activities.

Doceo Self Care Plan

Elevate your self-care journey with the comprehensive Doceo Self-care plan template. This template empowers you to delve into various strategies and techniques aimed at nurturing not just your physical well-being but also your mental and spiritual wellness. By using this resource, you can carefully prioritise and plan activities that promote a holistic sense of health and balance in your life.

Revision Timetable Template

Take control of your study schedule with our FREE user-friendly Revision Timetable resource. This handy tool gives you a template to effectively plan and organise your study sessions, ensuring you make the most of your time. Download now and embark on a path to academic success!

Matters of the Mind – Productivity and Wellbeing Framework

A Productivity framework, a Time Management framework, and a Wellbeing framework, all wrapped up neatly in one PDF. Your mind is a complex and powerful thing, but to use its full potential it must first be trained. Take a look at the steps we suggest!

A Financial Literacy Exercise – In Someone Else’s Shoes

Looking to enhance your financial literacy skills? This resource may be perfect for you! Try budgeting using real-life scenarios. Analyse variables like marital status, children, student loans, and car payments to estimate weekly expenses. Create and manage a sample budget covering weekly expenditure, disposable income, savings, and investments based on these considerations.

Smart Money Goals – Financial Literacy Toolkit

Money is a subject few people are willing to talk with students about, so we’ve created a Financial Literacy Starter Kit to begin the conversation! From useful links to money tracking apps to educational books, we give you the tools to begin learning about your finances.

Budget Template

Ever thought about how the rent gets paid? Ever thought about how to know if you can afford that phone? Be confident in your finance with our Budget spreadsheet. Learn how to manage your money so that you can live a financially responsible life!
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Tools for Success

Premium Resources

Gain lifetime access to our affordable self-paced online courses!

The Full ALP

This self-paced course contains 7 Personal Development modules (smart goal setting, productivity, well-being, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, personal branding and communication) suitable for students in years 10-13. all for the low price of £7.99.
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Tools for Success


Tune in to our bite-sized series and interviews on essential employability skills and career insights!

Interview with Professionals

In this series of interviews, the Doceo community engages with a diverse array of entrepreneurs and professionals to extract the valuable wisdom acquired through their journeys to success. From seasoned investment bankers and tech experts to personal branding gurus, there’s something here for everyone to learn and apply to their own pursuits!

Personal Branding & Communication Bitesize Series

In this 5-part bitesize series Steph and Zoë offer you essential tips on building and effectively communicating your personal brand as you embark on your career journey. They tackle everything from philosophical questions like “How to discover your purpose?” to networking and finding a mentor.

Financial Literacy Bitesize Series

In this 5-part bitesize series Steph and Zoë provide you with essential tips for starting your financial journey. They cover topics like debt, online financial safety, and income ideas for teens, breaking it all down for you!
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