All our staff, volunteers, mentors and coaches are passionate about upskilling the Doceo community to ready them for life after education. We know how to help students navigate their academic journey and achieve their full potential – because we’ve done it ourselves.

Our programmes are designed to help Year 9 to Year 13 students develop a ‘growth mindset’ that will stay with them for life. We equip young people with the core soft skills that will help them reach their true potential.

We see Doceo as a family. We’re able to tap into a network of graduates and young professionals like ourselves who want to help lift up the next generation.



The Aspiring Leaders Programme is an online coaching and mentoring programme for excellence in our core personal development areas in partnership with EY. Students aged 14 – 18 will receive 12 hours of coaching, 1-1 mentoring, and immersive employment skills activities over the course of 6 months.


Our renowned online personal development webinars focus on S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting, financial literacy, digital personal branding and so much more! We organise these webinars every 6-8 weeks for students age 14-18 years.


We work closely with our partner schools to achieve our goal of championing continuous growth in our core personal development areas. We provide benefits including personal development resources for students, programme discounts, online personal development workshops, parent events and teacher events.
OUR 2020 – 2021 IMPACT
Doceo has reached new milestones by collaborating with companies, schools, and organisations to reach over 800 students! Check out our impact report below to find out more about how we are committed to championing continuous growth for students in our community here at Doceo.
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Joanne, Year 12 student

Since being part of Doceo, I have a better understanding of what financial literacy is, and why it is important. This has been very beneficial to me since I now know ways to improve my finances as a young person which will help me in future.

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Daniel, Year 13 student

Since interacting with Doceo, I have gained knowledge on how to effectively save money. Zoë and Steph have always been open to helping me in my professional and personal development.

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Kwesi, Year 12 student

Being part of the Doceo student community has been great and will only get better. I’m in a space where I’m surrounded by ambitious young people who are constantly progressing which encourages me to thrive!

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Sam, Year 13 student

The Doceo Tuition team strives to ensure students can flow through education in an effective and practical manner. The different guests in their personal development events are inspirational.

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Michael, Year 13 student

Doceo Tuition has been really helpful when it comes to how I could improve on productivity and planning goals. I'm so grateful to have attended webinars that offer the kind of advice Doceo Tuition does for a free price. I am looking forward to their future interactive sessions.

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Shakeel, Year 12 Student

My experience with Doceo Tuition has been very educational and enlightening. The team is very encouraging, therefore I strongly feel supported with all the opportunities and feedback that I have received.

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Vira. Year 10 student

My first experience with Doceo was in their Personal Brand webinar where I learned a lot of new useful information and heard from fantastic speakers. I was amazed at the opportunities that Doceo provided. I joined the study community, ambassador scheme and experienced a very welcoming atmosphere.

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Jessica, Year 13 Student

I found Doceo Tuition through a brilliant webinar which helped me with my goals. I joined their student community, where I found a group that is passionate about their subjects and a place where I can have interesting conversations and receive further top tips for my career.

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Adedoyin, Year 12 Student

Doceo Tuition has provided me with a wealth of knowledge across different areas ranging from financial literacy to building a personal brand. Not only have they provided me with an invaluable insight, but they’ve also built a safe space in which I can interact with like-minded students my age through surveys, polls and thought-provoking discussions.

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Divine, Year 10 Student

Doceo tuition has been of great support so far, as they give young people like me many opportunities no matter who you are. The sessions that take place are very resourceful and lets us discover more things that we may not have known before. Doceo tuition is also a very kind and reliable place where you can share your opinion without being judged.

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Jennie, Doceo Parent

My son has attended all the personal development webinars on SMART goal setting, financial literacy, and personal branding and I’ve seen a big improvement in his motivation to learn during lockdown. He’s become more confident in asking the guest speakers questions, and networking with professionals in different industries.

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Kemi, Doceo Parent

My son attended Doceo’s SMART Goals. Immediately after the session before he got up, my son set his SMART goals and he had dutifully followed it which successfully helped him achieve his goals. Although he had heard about SMART goals before, he felt the session was well broken down to his level and he was motivated to set the goals.

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Bola, Doceo Parent

My son has really enjoyed attending Doceo Webinars. I would recommend the webinars to any student who require support to get ahead in their academic journey. The topics and guest speakers they have are educative, engaging and inspiring.

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Bayo, Doceo Parent

My son has found Doceo webinars very informative as they provide a wealth of vital resources and life skills he will go on to use in Uni and beyond

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Be the first to know about upcoming events and programmes, discounts opportunities from our sponsors, resources we love and so much more!

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