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Community is at the heart of Doceo

Community is at the heart of Doceo

Join The Community

At Doceo, we believe in the power of education

Our community groups were created to provide a safe space for us to grow together, sharing opportunities and experiences, encouraging each other as we progress and inspiring each other with our success stories. 

Be a part of the change and partner with Doceo

Join and engage with a dynamic community of ambitious students who share your drive and aspirations. Connect, collaborate, and learn together, fostering a supportive network that empowers each member to excel and achieve their goals!


Step 1

We want to know a bit more about you. Are you in years 9 – 13? Which career fields are you interested in? This helps us ensure you have access to the opportunities you deserve.


Step 2

We’ll send a confirmation email to let you know that we’ve received your details. We’ll also send a link for you to join our student group.


Step 3

Join the group chat and benefit from a community in your corner. We have rules of engagement to ensure our community space is safe and productive.


Step 4

Introduce yourself, network with your peers and engage with all the interesting content and exclusive opportunities we’ll be sharing.

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