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School Partnerships

Equip your students for the personal and professional success with our specialised workshops, resources, and programmes!

Companies we’ve worked with


Virtual and Physical Workshops

Our workshops offerings for schools brings targeted employability skill development to your student, focusing on core skills such as goal-setting, personal branding, financial literacy and many more. These workshops, available in 2-hour or 1-hour formats offer in-depth content and interactive activities for immediate application. Whether virtual or in person, our workshops empower students to excel in personal and professional growth.


Enrichment Curriculum

Our Enrichment resources offer a dynamic educational experience for your students, featuring real-world scenarios and engaging materials that help students grasp the practicality and significance of their acquired skills. We support teachers with detailed schemes of work and direct Ofsted criteria mapping, streamlining the integration of employability skills into lessons, saving time, and enhancing the quality of form time sessions or PSHE classes.


Careers Carousel

Our exclusive two-day event tailored to offer your students crucial career insights for launching their professional journeys. Day 1 offers interactive employability skills workshops, and on Day 2, renowned companies in STEM, Finance & Consulting, and Law present diverse career opportunities. Each student gains access to online conferencing, a comprehensive Career Fair Pack featuring merchandise, session worksheets, and more!”


Employability Skill Development

Our interactive workshops help your students hone soft skills like S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and personal branding, alongside vital employability skills such as CV writing, interviewing, and networking.


Exploring Future Career Options

Many students limit themselves to ‘traditional’ job options without realising the vast career possibilities. We broaden their horizons to diverse fields like consulting, finance, tech,engineering, and law.”


Networking with Global Companies

Students can connect with professionals, ask about their careers, and gain insights into their daily routines.


Buy Our Planners for Your Students

Make it easier for all students to do learning through digital media with existing media making it easier for students to learn anywhere.

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