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Community Engagement Manager

Role Requirements:

  • Managing communications
  • Growing, engaging with, and reporting on our active community
  • Comfortable with using Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and LinkedIn

Tasks are likely to include:

  • Weekly time commitment of 4 hours.
  • Researching trending topics amongst 14 – 18-year-olds and feeding this back to the core team to determine stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Creating and sending out monthly newsletters to students, businesses, volunteers, parents, and Doceo Alumni.
  • Facilitating the organisation of specialised events for students in the Doceo Community.
  • Collecting data from students in the community to see how we can improve our services to them.
  • Working with copywriter and graphic designer to come up with any promotional material needed for the community.
  • Semi-regular training to improve on skills and knowledge.
  • Managing student community group on telegram – Thinking of weekly challenges and or discussion topics.
  • Managing giveaways and opportunities for our student community group and social media community.
  • Answering general queries of students in our community.

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