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Sponsorships/Grant Manager

Role Requirements:

  1. Communications: The Sponsorship Manager will be responsible for monitoring and responding to corporate partnership requests via our website and email. This will include but is not limited to setting up introductory calls, scheduling meetings, and finding out more about potential business synergies.
  2. Data collection: We are committed to continuously improving our services to students and it is important that we collect data to see how we can improve our corporate business partnerships. This can be in the form of feedback surveys to our existing partners, or anything else that may be beneficial to track the progress of the relationship.
  3. Building relationships: Doceo is a community, and our corporate partnerships are a pillar of that community. You will be responsible for arranging regular catchups with our corporate business partners to review outcomes and source new opportunities for our students.
  4. Career opportunities: A key aspect of our corporate sponsorships is providing career opportunities to our students. It will be your responsibility to stay on top of upcoming career opportunities and liaise with our corporate sponsors to facilitate this for our students.

Tasks are likely to include:

  • Managing email and other communications with all corporate sponsors including those who interact with us on social media
  • Researching good corporate brands who align with Doceo values
  • Facilitating the organisation of sponsored events with the Events Manager
  • Collecting data from students in the community to see how we can improve our career services to them
  • Working with copywriter to update our sponsorship deck
  • Semi-regular training to improve on skills and knowledge

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