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Our March Favourites

One of Doceo’s core values is champion continuous growth and one way to do this is to always be open to learning more. There are lots go books, podcasts and YouTube channels which provide great educational value so I thought I’d share some of my favourites and some suggestions from others in the Doceo team.

We’ve all heard of working smarter- I mean why spend 3 hours on a task that can take an hour if done well? However, it’s very easy to spend time procrastinating or what I call productively procrastinating (doing everything but the urgent task) and end up missing…


Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is amazing if you’re interested in why we act the way we do and how we can change our actions and behaviour. It’s also really useful for looking at why we have bad habits, how we can break them and how we can make new ones. If you’re worried about reading a book which ends up having little practical advice then don’t worry, I personally loved this one because of how simple the writing is and how practical the chapters are. Definitely one to read with a pen or highlighter in hand.

Make it StickPeter C Brown: If you’re wanting to become a more productive and efficient learner, you might enjoy this book. It looks into the psychology of how we learn and offers techniques to help you learn effectively.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg: Sheryl Sandberg is ****the CEO of Facebook, this book examines the experiences of women in work, particularly in higher positions and the small changes women can make to effect wider change within the world of work.

How to seriesMerky books: This amazing series has short and practical books covering a range of different topics from ‘how to calm it’ to ‘how to save it’.


Thinking Commercially Podcast– This one is really useful if you want to increase your commercial awareness and understand how current affairs can affect the economy.

TED Talks Daily– TED talks are a fantastic way to learn something new or just listen to an interesting idea from a different field. They’re also the perfect length for a short and engaging listen!

Wake Up to Money – Another really useful listen if you’d like to improve your commercial awareness. Even if you’re not specifically trying to, the discussions on here are really clear and help you understand what’s going on in the world of business.

Today in Focus– Another really good one for understanding the stories behind what’s going on in the world currently. The topics range from abolishing the monarchy to the climate crisis and much more!

Instagram Pages:

Doceo Tuition– Of course, I had to put this in there but if you’re looking for weekly tips to help increase your academic, personal and professional development then definitely follow the Doceo Instagram page!

Black Youth Excellence– This page focuses on sharing positive stories of black youth in the UK. I really enjoy their posts and their stories are always populated with lots of opportunities to get involved in!

The RoK Network– If you’re in Year 12 and are looking to apply to university, this youth-led page aims to help students apply to top universities through workshops, events and useful posts. There’s also some career content on here as well if you’re interested.

Pennies to pounds– This is a page which aims to promote financial literacy through useful posts, videos and podcast episodes! (another podcast recommendation) If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy, then I’d recommend having a look at this one!

Youth Power podcast– By one of the Doceo community members, this podcast aims to empower young people and nurture their inner success. Would definitely recommend checking this out!

Jess Olo– This one is for all of you aspiring medics. Jess is a current medical student at King’s and works as a HCA. She has a personal website and blog with lots of advice and insight for aspiring medics as well as her gap year experience. Jess also hosts lots of conversations with current medics on a range of topics- definitely worth having a look at!

Lastly, do check out the Instagram pages of the channels linked below as they all provide useful advice as well!

Youtube Channels:

Lamide Elizabeth– Lamide is a recent Economic History from LSE who now works as an Investment Banker. Her channel which has lots of really useful insight and advice around academia, succeeding in internship applications and personal finance. (Her second channel also has a more university and academia content!)

Journey 2 Med– Hazal and Lydie are two second-year medical students who document their journey and provide lots of useful advice for aspiring and current medics through their videos.

Success with Steph– Steph makes useful videos about business, law, time management and productivity. I would really recommend the ‘Non-legal work experience that helped me get a Training Contract’ and her Interview tips video. I watched these ahead of an interview I had recently and found them really useful for thinking about how I could extract transferable skills from my past experiences and responsibilities.

Cass Speaks Official– Cassylda is a Management student at the University of Warwick who provides lots of useful advice around academics and careers. She has a whole internship series covering topics from what you should do before you apply to CVs, cover letters and online assessments.

Ali Abdaal– Ali is a Medicine graduate, junior doctor and content creator. I find his videos on productivity and time management really useful. Plus, he has some great book reviews and summaries on his channel!

I hope you’ve got some good recommendations from this list, it really encourages me to see that there are so many avenues through which we can learn and develop ourselves these days. Sharing is caring so let us know in the comments: which books, podcasts, Instagram pages or YouTube channels would you recommend?

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