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Why you should start writing on LinkedIn

One of the best pieces of career advice we have received is to make your online presence a form of a digital CV. This means being intentional with what you post and using social media as a vehicle for securing a job. Social Media is a powerful tool as it is able to create and increase serendipity, giving your work wings to reach and connect with new people who may have otherwise not crossed your path.

One of the biggest sites to facilitate this online presence is LinkedIn. Alongside showcasing experiences and reaching out to like-minded professionals, writing on LinkedIn is another way to elevate your digital CV as it creates a personal space for you to establish your personality and voice.

Posting on LinkedIn should be frequent- the more you post, the more your work is likely to be discovered. Formats can and should be mixed up. If you want to give a detailed analysis then an article is ideal but if you want to present quick thoughts or opinions on current topics, then making the most of shorter mediums including video or pictures, is best.

Posting about relevant and current topics is key. Commenting on hot topics keeps you in the conversation, allows more people to find your work, and establishes a place for you in the conversation. Using relevant hashtags and tagging important people increases the discoverability of your posts.

A common reservation people have with posting is they’re unsure of what to post about. The most simple answer is: post whatever interests you! The easiest way to make your personality come through is by writing about topics that genuinely interest you and that you are passionate about. You want to attract like-minded individuals and have conversations on the topics you care about in the working world.

So what are Doceo’s top tips for what to write on LinkedIn:

  1. Share your thoughts on trending industry news
  2. Talk about your experiences
  3. Ask questions
  4. Give your perspective on other people’s posts
  5. Seek opinions

At the end of the day, reaching the right community of professionals matters more than the number of views your posts are getting.

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